Information Covid-19

We are happy to inform you about the


from La Plage Fleurie campsite

from Monday 02 June 2020

Finally ...... !

These have been difficult times for all of us. It is therefore with great pleasure we inform you of a confirmed opening date!

We can start planning again, we can look forward to all the great holiday moments….. a bit of time without the daily grind, a bit further away from worry and uncertainty.

We would like to inform you as follows:

Many of our guests shared their questions about the “rules and measures”, but we have no further information. The regulations received have not yet been approved by the government.

In addition, the developments around Covid19 are following up so quickly that we have no insight into the “widenings” or restrictions from the government, especially with regard to July and August.

The opening of the borders, more information about this will follow on around 15 June. Unfortunately, we do not have more information than you, and we have no influence on the situation...

Let's try not to speculate about what is going to happen in the (near) future… Please rest assured: once and as soon as we have more detailed information that might affect your stay, you will be informed accordinghly.

Your accommodation will be cleaned and disinfected before your arrival. Our cleaning team has been instructed in the new cleaning and disinfection procedures. This year we will of course pay extra attention to areas where there is frequent contact, such as the sanitary building.

Unlike hotels, for example, camping La Plage Fleurie is a beautiful, natural, open and spacious campsite, where the accommodations have large plots and where you have the leeway you and your family need.

Individually packaged (disposable) mattress and pillow protectors are available in all accommodations.

All our linen packages (both the cotton and the reserved synthetic packages) are individually packed.

Our camping pitches are approx. 100m2, so the old normal at Camping la Plage Fleurie is also the new normal.

Regarding the facilities and other services:

Sanitary facilities of the campsite: the campsite will - as always - clean and disinfect the sanitary building in accordance with current regulations at the times you are used to from us.

Swimming pools and water slides: chlorine has always been added to the water in our pools and in the water slides, so this water is already disinfecting and disinfected. It has been and will be regularly analyzed and monitored (by ARS: Regional Health Agency). Of course, we adhere to health regulations and government decisions.

Bar / Restaurant:

Both the Bar and the restaurant –:

Open! Just like the bars / cafes / restaurants in your own town and with the same enforcement of regulations. Take away dishes are proposed. The managers of the Restaurant and Bar will adopt government health regulations and decisions.

Camping shop / supermarket: The camping shop is already open. The managers will also take over all health regulations and government decisions.

As always, the Playground and the Sports Ground are open between 9.30 am and 9.30 pm.

As you can read, all the camping services and facilities will be open and the measures taken, also taking into account any (future) government decisions,

in our opinion have a minimal effect on your stay.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments,

We thank you very much for your cooperation ...

The entire Camping La Plage Fleurie team is at your disposal.

We look forward to welcoming you :)

See you soon